you boys wanna buy some nugs? 

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13 feb. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Kevin Joshua Alipan
Kevin Joshua Alipan 19 uur geleden
I feel bad for smashing for getting smacked a lot 🤣
Natalie Cuad
Natalie Cuad Dag geleden
Now I want to actually call the number.
Noah Dinmore
Noah Dinmore 2 dagen geleden
When he said napkins are for customers only have you bought something yet. I'm about to buy something, someone should have said make sure there is stuff left for all of us
le big funny706
le big funny706 3 dagen geleden
7:25 mully used absorb
Marie Bonnie
Marie Bonnie 3 dagen geleden
mexican Man GIve Me AlL uR taaCooaos
Marie Bonnie
Marie Bonnie 3 dagen geleden
Ik his name is Eddie
Carson Oliver
Carson Oliver 4 dagen geleden
7:51 Me and the homies at a sleepover
Austin Boyce
Austin Boyce 4 dagen geleden
What's the map and the purple character based on?
doggosnipe360 5 dagen geleden
These never fail to make me laugh
Drazan Juric
Drazan Juric 6 dagen geleden
Samantha Hyatt
Samantha Hyatt 7 dagen geleden
I ALMOST CHOLED BC ITS SO FUNNY!!!!(edit : choked*)
ElijahWitcher 8 dagen geleden
This is all your channel is now. it’s really gone to shit i’m outta here
ColTon 77 Play Minecraft
ColTon 77 Play Minecraft 8 dagen geleden
Shadeau Little
Shadeau Little 8 dagen geleden
Fun fact: if you say fun fact people will read you're comment.
Plush Island Network
Plush Island Network 9 dagen geleden
Mully: Green, fat, orders WAY too much food. Did anyone else get flashbacks...? I’ll have 2 number 9’s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45’s, one with cheese, and a large soda.
JimboGaming 10 dagen geleden
mully so big he could deflect an asteroid coming to earth
Albert 10 dagen geleden
I didin't watch ur vids 2 years AM BACK
B.Y.E.T Games
B.Y.E.T Games 10 dagen geleden
Lol now I have mullys phone number
Hell Blaze
Hell Blaze 10 dagen geleden
Lol i love how u did mully
4cs Cooking!!
4cs Cooking!! 10 dagen geleden
This should’ve been titled “They boys beat each other half to death with fast food trays”
Anthony Hardy
Anthony Hardy 11 dagen geleden
They should make a podcast
Julien Lopez
Julien Lopez 11 dagen geleden
Mully want to make some good tic tok!?!! Get the boys and reenact the food fight in Real life 🤣🤣🤣
D 7 M _
D 7 M _ 11 dagen geleden
What the name of these game
Cheetah179 12 dagen geleden
mmm chimkem muggers
Te Ja
Te Ja 12 dagen geleden
Xbox one
yeet boi
yeet boi 12 dagen geleden
Why is smashing the one that gets abused in every video?
Gabrielle Smith
Gabrielle Smith 13 dagen geleden
I just wanna know what is dis app called 😂
TAG_Potato Man
TAG_Potato Man 13 dagen geleden
People who called the number thinking they would call mully -_-
مضحي البصمان
مضحي البصمان 13 dagen geleden
I felt like they are nick avocado😂
The Outcast
The Outcast 13 dagen geleden
I feel bad for smashing because of all the torture he goes through but keep up the good work
William Howell
William Howell 13 dagen geleden
William Howell
William Howell 13 dagen geleden
Moore he needs
Adam Dalesio
Adam Dalesio 13 dagen geleden
Lol dont call that number. Theres a good chance that its not in ur country. When i called it my phone told me its out of country, long distance. Ur gonna uave to pay for an out of country call. Oof
Sanicrog Boi
Sanicrog Boi 13 dagen geleden
Well that took an unexpected turn Edit: but all of there stuff is weird so this was a pretty normal video
Johnnie Black
Johnnie Black 13 dagen geleden
Mully : you won’t like me when My heart rate is racing Eddie: I don’t like you now
Idkhowtousername help
Idkhowtousername help 13 dagen geleden
the amount of children that are actually gonna call the number in the video because they really think it's Mully's phone number
Zayne Martin
Zayne Martin 14 dagen geleden
That went down hill fast
gokuto gaming
gokuto gaming 14 dagen geleden
Redstone_Guy_YT 14 dagen geleden
Me when I realized that narrator just speeddailed mully since he called way too fast
The Koda Wolf Gaming
The Koda Wolf Gaming 14 dagen geleden
This was delightfully dark I loved it the whole "MORE" bit was amazing
Jason Kizer
Jason Kizer 14 dagen geleden
The reason smashing has brain damages because you guys keep hitting him so much
LyDDa 14 dagen geleden
Is it a game? Or what is this?
Brother & sister
Brother & sister 14 dagen geleden
I’m trying to watch this and it’s buffering
thunder-fox 14 dagen geleden
around 8 minutes in you can call it attack on titan and would not be wrong
Candice Sanders
Candice Sanders 14 dagen geleden
Me laughing and nearly spewing myself
Zeah Goat
Zeah Goat 14 dagen geleden
"Should have listened to the mid-wife" LMFAO
John Jordan
John Jordan 15 dagen geleden
Joshdub: Xbox Mully: PlayStation Narrator: PC Eddie: Samsung Smart Fridge Smashing: Switch
Tobias Burnell-McCulloch
Tobias Burnell-McCulloch 15 dagen geleden
I CANT STOP LAUGHING MY FAV PART WAS WHEN THE WHALE STARTED BEATING SMASHING WITH THE TRAY btw ik the whales name is mully it just seems right to call him a whale
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 15 dagen geleden
I need to stop binge watching the boys and go to fucking bed
Katsuki Bakugou!
Katsuki Bakugou! 15 dagen geleden
This makes me both uncomfortable and makes me laugh
Sammy The Squid
Sammy The Squid 15 dagen geleden
Hudson648 16 dagen geleden
I think mully is a Karen
Pizza rolls
Pizza rolls 16 dagen geleden
1:35 lol
Ashleigh Laughlin
Ashleigh Laughlin 16 dagen geleden
13:52 Don’t be racist
heather Fuehring
heather Fuehring 16 dagen geleden
Oh my God I really love her narrator
Evan Nieto
Evan Nieto 16 dagen geleden
Mully was the same weight as the toothbrush
Seya Ryugin
Seya Ryugin 16 dagen geleden
Sorry about the weight
Life PG3D
Life PG3D 16 dagen geleden
What is the name of this game?
Pucks world
Pucks world 16 dagen geleden
Nvct0phillia 16 dagen geleden
R.I.P Smashing February 13, 2021 - February 13, 2021
night falmfist
night falmfist 16 dagen geleden
I hate that I'm offended by this video but I am
Dirt 16 dagen geleden
1:43 Nikocado Avocado in a nutshell
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer 16 dagen geleden
"You're not you when you're hungry."
DarkHabits 16 dagen geleden
First :) :)
eithan094 16 dagen geleden
PokemonHunter 16 dagen geleden
Some of the most funniest things i have seen
THE_FRUSTRATEDSEAN 16 dagen geleden
Hey Josh remember when ronald mcdonald Beated you up and broke your vr headset HAHHAAHHAHAHAHAH
a1boPlayz 16 dagen geleden
literally the best video yet
Julian R Douglas
Julian R Douglas 16 dagen geleden
This is so funny
Spark 4
Spark 4 16 dagen geleden
We found Nico
Some HECU cunt
Some HECU cunt 16 dagen geleden
I got a fucking chicken nugget ad
llxn_o 16 dagen geleden
Josh saying smashing and big fat sugar cube are brothers earlier in the video: Also Josh flirting with big fat sugar cube:
{Bøbå Têã}
{Bøbå Têã} 16 dagen geleden
That was my sorry that was my mom sorry dudes... I F@*!&!* DIED-
Blood Demons
Blood Demons 16 dagen geleden
Lol this video is funny
Dominic Arment
Dominic Arment 16 dagen geleden
Please and you make me happy when I’m sad because you are funny like the boys but your the funniest
Dominic Arment
Dominic Arment 16 dagen geleden
My NLblock channel is called Dominic Arment
Dominic Arment
Dominic Arment 16 dagen geleden
Josh can you shoutout me
Alpha _
Alpha _ 17 dagen geleden
today you will be getting a whole episode of fat jokes.
Brandon Paxton
Brandon Paxton 17 dagen geleden
This is child abuse 🤣
Adam Elz Art
Adam Elz Art 17 dagen geleden
Your the best!
Adam Elz Art
Adam Elz Art 17 dagen geleden
I need your dragon in dragon city
Mattias Hemmerle
Mattias Hemmerle 17 dagen geleden
game videos
game videos 17 dagen geleden
You guys need to stop abusing smashing!! HIS NECK IS TO FRAGILE
fazerenaldo 17 dagen geleden
xXjoerazorXx 17 dagen geleden
How do you get you brushes
Zoey The Cat
Zoey The Cat 17 dagen geleden
Ur intro song is by Tokyo machine
Jimmy Mullins
Jimmy Mullins 17 dagen geleden
i laughed when josh charged mully when he was standing on the table 8:02
Xan kemp
Xan kemp 17 dagen geleden
You could say they're toilet brushes....
lmao 17 dagen geleden
Greetings from germany i'm laughing so hard rn dude😂
Khiresh Hurdhaw
Khiresh Hurdhaw 17 dagen geleden
Did yourl hear about the Ebola virus zombies
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 17 dagen geleden
Please stop trafficking my people
GGBIDK 17 dagen geleden
Mc Donald’s but it’s a rip off....
Mika Hamre
Mika Hamre 17 dagen geleden
"It's just water weight" - I think you know who, and it' not mully
Bryan Velasquez
Bryan Velasquez 17 dagen geleden
The roast eddie did at 3:05 tho this is what i said when i watched that part "DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN"
Cowan Valis
Cowan Valis 17 dagen geleden
Honestly they need to make a cartoon for this shit cuz omg 😂😂
justin buju
justin buju 17 dagen geleden
family dinner turns out to be WWE real quick
justin buju
justin buju 17 dagen geleden
that bathroom number thingy is common in Philippines lol
Raj Games
Raj Games 17 dagen geleden
How the f*ck are people getting over 1k likes
NTC isolated
NTC isolated 17 dagen geleden
11:05 😳😳😳😳
NTC isolated
NTC isolated 17 dagen geleden
6:58 is a wtf moment that doesn’t end until 8:17 I un subbed earlier but that shit funny imma sub again
Yo mom Uh
Yo mom Uh 17 dagen geleden
Mully is so fat he could not live in the same house as his parents when he was 18
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