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28 nov. 2020




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Nether King
Nether King 13 minuten geleden
Paralyzed spider man should really STAND UP for himself 🤣🤣🥬🥬🦽
The Matvis5
The Matvis5 44 minuten geleden
RetroJunker Dude
RetroJunker Dude 7 uur geleden
The highlight of the video is the fat-shaming and wheelchair-shaming
Sergio Rivera
Sergio Rivera 20 uur geleden
Eddie went full angry mexican mom mode on juicy
Sergio Rivera
Sergio Rivera 20 uur geleden
his spanish was so harsh even the subtitles didn't catch him
Op Rahmir GOD
Op Rahmir GOD Dag geleden
They is Bad
Makaylah Reynolds
Makaylah Reynolds Dag geleden
Me: a tiny paralyzed girl laughing my ass off at this shit
nothxarth 2 dagen geleden
“Ur logo’s on the side of the building r*tards” got me so good lol
mello marsh
mello marsh 2 dagen geleden
Ngl im looking for what world name this vr chat world is
vic khongdy
vic khongdy 3 dagen geleden
TheGamingSora 3 dagen geleden
Meh, I'd pay Disney Plus for this series. -\( °-°)/-
grady marty
grady marty 4 dagen geleden
The ill-fated textbook basically confuse because puma bilaterally brush since a easy meter. absent, kaput october
banana 4 dagen geleden
Seeing as i know how mully looks in real life. It just changes everything
Liam Mack
Liam Mack 4 dagen geleden
Spiderboys, Spiderboys, Does whatever shit we can do. xD lol
Time Waste
Time Waste 4 dagen geleden
I hate the Mexican guy, when he talks spanish. I speak Spanish and am Mexican, even I say CRINGE!
donnavan blake
donnavan blake 4 dagen geleden
Even the subtitles didn't catch Eddie's Mexican tall 😭
BADIUSE lol 5 dagen geleden
1:20 ahah, spaghetti legs
Boady Dwyer
Boady Dwyer 5 dagen geleden
hey spider boiss
Queen _owo
Queen _owo 5 dagen geleden
Juicy can’t even stand up for him self ;) 😏
Chris Adkins
Chris Adkins 5 dagen geleden
Narrator used actual cannon facts from different spiderman comics to burn Juicy XD
John Doe
John Doe 6 dagen geleden
3:00 this really got me
Lem0n Juice?
Lem0n Juice? 7 dagen geleden
You can tell narrator watches a lot of spiderman
Lem0n Juice?
Lem0n Juice? 7 dagen geleden
You can tell by Mary Jane, goblin, uncle ben, and Peter
Gábor Kávássy
Gábor Kávássy 7 dagen geleden
3:40 Joseph Joestar
Koro Playz
Koro Playz 7 dagen geleden
12:05 shocked he didn't say "Don't worry fat fuck in distress"
Shenita Martin
Shenita Martin 7 dagen geleden
The wiry magazine perplexingly concern because gender postauricularly jam behind a wiry foundation. dapper, gaping powder
Hayden Thompson
Hayden Thompson 7 dagen geleden
Spider Juan
Dracyn Paet
Dracyn Paet 7 dagen geleden
Peter: call my mom Other Peter: Wait your moms alive. Mexican Peter: That is so unfair dawg. Noir: Howcome his mom gets to live. Fat Peter: Can you still get my lunch.
Alikanuiokalani Achong
Alikanuiokalani Achong 7 dagen geleden
Spider-Man No Way Home looks like shit
Wolf_dash 7 dagen geleden
Spiderboys into the nerdiverse
N H 8 dagen geleden
RTIC Galaxy
RTIC Galaxy 8 dagen geleden
does anyone know what world this is on vr chat and how to get the spooder man skin?
GTA5 maker Bloody Freddy
GTA5 maker Bloody Freddy 8 dagen geleden
How to tell you how to say hi in Spanish hola under one come that means O'Dell O'Dell
Emmanuel gaming
Emmanuel gaming 8 dagen geleden
Wanda Mexican Spider-Man told the Spider-Man that wasn't in the group he said this that the Spider-Man that has been in the group for 10 years is suffering cuz he's fat and he and he's the stupidest one
T money
T money 8 dagen geleden
xxxshadowxx YT
xxxshadowxx YT 9 dagen geleden
Try to do a try not laugh on one of these video u going to lose
mari lehtonen
mari lehtonen 9 dagen geleden
Rizqi Hammani
Rizqi Hammani 9 dagen geleden
I can't I always laugh went eddy said "haha peeche pacheno" I think
Gamer Chris
Gamer Chris 9 dagen geleden
Is it just me or does the guy out of the window sound like Patrick from spongebob
Tyler the creator fan
Tyler the creator fan 9 dagen geleden
10:32 what's the difference
Daniel Lynch
Daniel Lynch 9 dagen geleden
Braydon Pfaff
Braydon Pfaff 10 dagen geleden
ha ha ha ha
mario fan 64 world
mario fan 64 world 10 dagen geleden
When Patrick is evil he said fuck you
teca it is
teca it is 10 dagen geleden
And the spiser boys cracked the world by pushing a whale thats so huge of then there was an earthquacke
Consiglia de ianni
Consiglia de ianni 10 dagen geleden
i love spider man but this is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYbetter
Foxplayz YT
Foxplayz YT 10 dagen geleden
Spider man Spider-Man paraplegic Spider-Man can he stand no he can’t he’s paralyzed from waist down look out he can’t feel his legs
kenneth barnes
kenneth barnes 10 dagen geleden
Josh dub and his gang never fail to make me laugh😂😂😂😂The vids are👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
XxpoZ Clan
XxpoZ Clan 10 dagen geleden
i dont apreciate that your making fun of people in wheelchairs but apart from that funny stuff
Cowabunga06 10 dagen geleden
Not even my subtitles know what eddie is saying whenever he speaks spanish
GamingWithPoor 10 dagen geleden
Btw i know what eddie was saying im spanish to
Dial dude
Dial dude 10 dagen geleden
Parapaleagic Spiderman.
COLTON SCHWARTZ 10 dagen geleden
He calls them retards me have you seen yourself
Chris Afton
Chris Afton 10 dagen geleden
Shenita Martin
Shenita Martin 10 dagen geleden
The serious confirmation arguably worry because dessert multivariably desert mid a bent windchime. petite, truculent stepdaughter
Evan Downs
Evan Downs 11 dagen geleden
Think of something simple Like Belle Delphine eating a banana What the frick
Val Ash
Val Ash 11 dagen geleden
I’m assuming Josh is Spooder man
SkiMask Boi
SkiMask Boi 11 dagen geleden
Damn imagine you have crippled fans and they are watching this video 😂
Zion Jacobs
Zion Jacobs 11 dagen geleden
Sadhana Peter Parker
Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie
Spider-Man Spider-Man A brave hero for all of us can he swing yes he can that's because he's A spider look out here comes the Spider-Man
Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie
Can he swing yes he can LOOK OUT her comes the Spider-Man
Strikefighter Xan
Strikefighter Xan 11 dagen geleden
How spiderman, into the spiderverse should have started.
Blake Obrien
Blake Obrien 11 dagen geleden
American soilder:hello? The tree:4:09
Mr finale
Mr finale 11 dagen geleden
so from what i heard josh has a new web shooter its called the wax slinging wanker
Nicolas Campi
Nicolas Campi 11 dagen geleden
There is Peter Parker, and *Pedro Parques*
Justin Robbins
Justin Robbins 11 dagen geleden
I love how they make everything so dramatic it’s awesome also narrator makes anything funny hell yea
The Senate
The Senate 11 dagen geleden
The title for spider man 3 would be spider man homeless
Sage Rose
Sage Rose 11 dagen geleden
“A black what” 😂
Julia McGrath
Julia McGrath 11 dagen geleden
when he said belle delphine subtitles said belgium fiend
Yes Yes
Yes Yes 12 dagen geleden
Who else saw the kidnapper in the window before he appeared
DOOM SLAYER 12 dagen geleden
“This flashback has lasted to long”
Wonder of U
Wonder of U 12 dagen geleden
is fat Patrick just a reoccurring villain or what?
Omar Aied
Omar Aied 12 dagen geleden
why is eddies patrick impression so good
Pico {rap god} {single} {age:20} {b side}
When you get caught for bullying 0:02
Jonah dunk
Jonah dunk 12 dagen geleden
Im suprized mully dident brake the crain lol
Abusing all My Games
Abusing all My Games 12 dagen geleden
Your narrator is just good enough to be spider noir
FlamingoFan 2137
FlamingoFan 2137 12 dagen geleden
Mexican spiderman should be mexi spidey
YT Gamer0729
YT Gamer0729 12 dagen geleden
Danzal in distress?
I_Love_Anime 12 dagen geleden
Why does narrator have the perfect voice for chat noir
I_Love_Anime 12 dagen geleden
We’re trying to get some ankle breakers your ankles our already broken
Jaytyme 10
Jaytyme 10 13 dagen geleden
So... Josh and the boys are allowed to say Fuck Shit And more But they can’t say retard?
Melody The Mouse
Melody The Mouse 13 dagen geleden
Webslinging in by
Melody The Mouse
Melody The Mouse 13 dagen geleden
Also they don’t mind wheelchair Spider-Man-
Ghulam Sughra
Ghulam Sughra 13 dagen geleden
Shut up Narrator the 3:37 clip F##$!ng funny
shahromes videos
shahromes videos 13 dagen geleden
TheFirstAndLastFallen 13 dagen geleden
I would love is one day someone out there will make a movie about this. 😁
Tristan Sutphin
Tristan Sutphin 14 dagen geleden
Do more Patrick stuff
Dibra - Films
Dibra - Films 14 dagen geleden
Narrator's song and dance at 3:04 - 3:34 killed me more than Uncle Ben
Bianka Partida
Bianka Partida 14 dagen geleden
Juicy say ur name is juicyman in this vid or in another vid
Bianka Partida
Bianka Partida 14 dagen geleden
Juicy say ur name is juicyman
Bianka Partida
Bianka Partida 14 dagen geleden
Can juicys new name be juicyman
We FinnaDie
We FinnaDie 14 dagen geleden
if this video showed me anything is that Narrator has actually read the comics and I love it.
Mono x Six
Mono x Six 14 dagen geleden
This is the behind the scenes on spider man 3
Mr McFriddleman
Mr McFriddleman 14 dagen geleden
How have I not seen this before
Awesum 15 dagen geleden
8:36 made me exhale laughter
Diego Mendoza
Diego Mendoza 15 dagen geleden
Im pretty sure that instead of saving the day you doomed the earth that fatass would make a huge earth quake
Carn0 15 dagen geleden
lmao joshdub got paid $600 to play this
Mar - Chan
Mar - Chan 15 dagen geleden
Everything is a lot more funny when you understand every single word that Eddie says 😂
Ryatt Johnson
Ryatt Johnson 16 dagen geleden
this was making me lagh so hard that cant move
x CrusaderOfHope
x CrusaderOfHope 16 dagen geleden
5:02 DAAAAAAAAAAMN!! 😂🤣🤣🤣🙌 13:30 The sad part is that I actually thought of it as chips and salsa night... 😐😂😂
Evan The hedgehog
Evan The hedgehog 18 dagen geleden
It make sense for mully to be the fat one
IxI MasterGaming
IxI MasterGaming 18 dagen geleden
Stan Lee wants to know your location.
Intense Joey
Intense Joey 18 dagen geleden
This is FULLON comedy masterpiece. Everything made me laugh
Henry Souza
Henry Souza 19 dagen geleden
I'm from Brazil and understanding Eddie makes it even funnier
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