the boys meet satan 

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19 dec. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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JoshDub 5 maanden geleden
Support my channel by downloading Mobile Legends: Adventure Use this bonus code: GJXVMB2223M to get 5 Premium Summon Scrolls. It's the best time to join the Christmas adventure!
Brad Farniok
Brad Farniok 2 maanden geleden
Milo Peck
Milo Peck 3 maanden geleden
The ninth floor shoulda been furrys
Romi Moreno
Romi Moreno 3 maanden geleden
hi josh!!!!
Treyom Shingles
Treyom Shingles 3 maanden geleden
I love your channel
reeboi Lucito
reeboi Lucito 8 dagen geleden
Me meeting Satan be like: oh hi, remember Satan when I die you will be like God compared to the things I did >:)
Travis Vance
Travis Vance 10 dagen geleden
I hate this video
Vincent Borovich
Vincent Borovich 11 dagen geleden
Sam and Max Satan is canon Satan now
Yes No
Yes No 13 dagen geleden
I think I saw little nas x in the back ground
The savage wolf
The savage wolf 15 dagen geleden
I told my sister I love her and this mother trucker said I know keep in mind she only 4
Connor Ashworth
Connor Ashworth 15 dagen geleden
is that place the same as the furry video
David Leary
David Leary 16 dagen geleden
"i love being satan"
Shisui Uchiha
Shisui Uchiha 17 dagen geleden
You look like a cartoon bro
Ketchup Kitty
Ketchup Kitty 18 dagen geleden
Josh, why yo eyes be so prooty thoooooo... How are you not a furry dos eyes would if a suittt
Gavin McWhaw
Gavin McWhaw 19 dagen geleden
satan: they just kill ur dog over and over me loving dogs: SATAN U JUST MADE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE IN UR LIFE
Thomas Chirila
Thomas Chirila 20 dagen geleden
I thought this was their pre-episode warmup, not a video of its own.
Marley Witt
Marley Witt 20 dagen geleden
Can we just appreciate this is exactly 16:16 long
Breckin Lambert
Breckin Lambert 21 dag geleden
are you kidding killing dogs yall mean
Sshy shy
Sshy shy 22 dagen geleden
Lol you look like smeagol
bobmob 900
bobmob 900 22 dagen geleden
0:50 i need more slaves i need more blood the fuck
Dogeyyy123 burrit
Dogeyyy123 burrit 24 dagen geleden
con oi jost borrough a loightah
Branden Munoz
Branden Munoz 27 dagen geleden
joshDub looks like donky
mason younger
mason younger 29 dagen geleden
Evan all mighty is a good movie
dijoñ rushaé
dijoñ rushaé Maand geleden
Bluest eyes, unsettlingly
Peter Tselios
Peter Tselios Maand geleden
the last layer of hell is always getting an ad for a trash mobile game that basically sponsors everyone and you can never skip it lol
The dragons den 2004
The dragons den 2004 Maand geleden
Why the fuck is one of the zetties from sonic lost world in hell Oh wait I hate the zetties
Carmen Evans
Carmen Evans Maand geleden
Jo ho ho ho
{}Cremy{} Maand geleden
Satan watching this video: quick write that down write that down!
Hunter Duvall
Hunter Duvall Maand geleden
i wonder what floor hitler would be on
Kohen Gardiner
Kohen Gardiner Maand geleden
Download somminers war
shadow Maand geleden
play mobile legends:bang bang
Maria Gabriella
Maria Gabriella Maand geleden
We need part 2
Leland Haynes
Leland Haynes Maand geleden
Go to 10:32
Tolga Kaan Cekerek
Tolga Kaan Cekerek Maand geleden
BRO U SHOULD SEE JOSH' FACE AT 0:57 THAT IS A 'i did not sleep for 45 hourse kinda face BROOOO
MWhite0615 Maand geleden
Melody Hobbs
Melody Hobbs Maand geleden
I actually started crying at the dog killing noises...
lizardjoe's reptiles
lizardjoe's reptiles Maand geleden
10:20 seconds he said that I got a chewy part in my chicken
Lisa Harrison
Lisa Harrison Maand geleden
6:25 Evan almighty was a great movie and I don't care if I'm going to hell for saying it
Bruno Artukovic
Bruno Artukovic Maand geleden
Wait,the Satan said "Oh God:
TheGreenReaper Maand geleden
He was once More beautiful than Anything untill he Fell R.i.p Satan
Cj Gamer squad
Cj Gamer squad Maand geleden
I feel like I need a shower
Dexterbru2002 DMNC
Dexterbru2002 DMNC Maand geleden
Pt 2????
Aiden Alvarez
Aiden Alvarez Maand geleden
TGS clan
TGS clan Maand geleden
Y the dogs
Jackson Rogerson
Jackson Rogerson Maand geleden
If you don’t chug water at 3 am your not a true gamer
Anonymous Maand geleden
Finally! Y’all met my cousin. He’s just the best!
shadow8017 Maand geleden
I always thought the devil was gonna be this fit strong guy not the comedian fluffy (great comedian btw)
smiley satanson
smiley satanson Maand geleden
man, the inventor of math with numbers must be hella bro with satan
flux shizmir
flux shizmir Maand geleden
I tried to skip the sponser
Pico Maand geleden
The guy who created micro transactions also works for Ubisoft, not just EA
Emon Deori
Emon Deori Maand geleden
Happy black plague day guys.
The Grayster
The Grayster Maand geleden
Does anyone know the name of this world?
Amber Frashier
Amber Frashier 2 maanden geleden
the supports make me so mad like start the video already
terrarian bot
terrarian bot 2 maanden geleden
holy shit am i the only one who noticed the graphics? that that map wd give cyberpunk graphics a huge challenge.
Ethan LaMore
Ethan LaMore 2 maanden geleden
BRENNEN DUHRING 2 maanden geleden
Btw next time eddie says something in spanish say "we dont speak del taco sorry"
Its_Vin 2 maanden geleden
Juicys hell would be when smashing turns on goofy gwape
TenTonKoala 2 maanden geleden
Is that the guys voice from “Ciggy Butt Brain?” 😂 If it isn’t, whoever did the impersonation is amazing!
Jamie Scott
Jamie Scott 2 maanden geleden
Hell looks more like something from heaven....
I8_UR_DOG 2 maanden geleden
thank god u didnt say raid shadow legends
Joe S
Joe S 2 maanden geleden
Nice led grow light in the background lol
Underbag 2 maanden geleden
This satan is great
I’m Allergic
I’m Allergic 2 maanden geleden
We just gonna ignore how the video is 16:16🤨🤌
Abe Link
Abe Link 2 maanden geleden
Wait.. what is death's birthday? was it like when the first human died?
Phil Bott
Phil Bott 2 maanden geleden
“He still works at EA, funnily enough” fucking gold.
Kirk Findley
Kirk Findley 2 maanden geleden
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RedStingər_0 2 maanden geleden
The Sam & Max fandom is very pleased.
RedStingər_0 Maand geleden
@Crystal Moon eyy, nice!
Crystal Moon
Crystal Moon Maand geleden
I just started getting into Sam & Max about a week ago, and while I was watching one of the blooper reels, I saw Satan in it and I went "Hey, so that's 2 characters I recognize the Boys used in their video!" (The other was Zazz from Sonic: Lost World)
Arianna Shackelford
Arianna Shackelford 2 maanden geleden
I love your vids
Andrea kells
Andrea kells 2 maanden geleden
There needs to be a part 2 of this
3Days Death
3Days Death 2 maanden geleden
i imagined hell more on the mental state... if u have dome something that fucks up ur moral code then u relive it 24/7 until you loose the feeling and there is nothing you can do to stop.
Angela Strong
Angela Strong 2 maanden geleden
This is TORTURE!!!
Sam Saturday's
Sam Saturday's 2 maanden geleden
life hack for the first floor just dont say i love you
ur hamster
ur hamster 2 maanden geleden
whos this guy satan - phill after 1 sec - gets an ad and first line is "hi im phill"
Frank Maurer
Frank Maurer 2 maanden geleden
This should genuinely be turned into a book/ short story. No bullshit
Ertuğrul Mina
Ertuğrul Mina 2 maanden geleden
From now on İt is a good thing to say “go to hell”
Burn Bibles
Burn Bibles 2 maanden geleden
Oi mates yous look like ya can borrow me a lighter so I can go out an have a smoke eh? Aw thanks man really makes my day and eh uh no I lost my lighter won of yous wouldn't happen to have a lighter I can borrow would ya?
roldan duran
roldan duran 2 maanden geleden
why not play mobile legends bang bang josh itll fvcking sick!
Terrarian Creep
Terrarian Creep 2 maanden geleden
Does santan say « oh god » or « oh devil »?
Patrick Chestnut
Patrick Chestnut 2 maanden geleden
What world is this
Armando Contreras
Armando Contreras 2 maanden geleden
R.I.P no no square
Thomas Hartzell
Thomas Hartzell 2 maanden geleden
Fruit stickers are edible
Thomas Hartzell
Thomas Hartzell 2 maanden geleden
I gwt lost in your eyes dub daddy. 😂😂😂
Aproxity 2 maanden geleden
Isn’t that the furry convention building-OHHHHH
slayer killer
slayer killer 2 maanden geleden
Why didnt mlbb Don want 2 collab with u
Riley Doot
Riley Doot 2 maanden geleden
Part 2?
Zack knight
Zack knight 2 maanden geleden
no one: me whenever i open youtube: ***the boys***
Austin Fossat
Austin Fossat 2 maanden geleden
Bill is stupid for stopping me from burping
Sian Christon SOLLESTA
Sian Christon SOLLESTA 2 maanden geleden
I cried when i heard the dog dying
Kolidos 2 maanden geleden
soviet union
soviet union 2 maanden geleden
I do not care ads
Kaddu Mills
Kaddu Mills 2 maanden geleden
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Authenticvibezz 1990
Authenticvibezz 1990 2 maanden geleden
Scooby-Doo videos are so so funny
Hylian Xbox
Hylian Xbox 2 maanden geleden
I would honestly love if Eddie was Satan "Hey dawg you're in hell"
Just Some Dice Guy
Just Some Dice Guy 2 maanden geleden
The Good Place (2016)
Ben Tilley
Ben Tilley 2 maanden geleden
9:16-9:58 my life
Susu Susea
Susu Susea 2 maanden geleden
i play mobile legend but not mobile legends adventure
CrazyNxthing 2 maanden geleden
floor 3 made me really sad
duck 0
duck 0 2 maanden geleden
I am going to kill satan for even having the idea of kiling dogs
dot 2 maanden geleden
Satan has such a Rick Sanches vibe lmfao 🤣
The ultimate eating machine March
I love the game boy advance entrance theme brings back many memories of playing and hearing that tune
TheCovenant2 2 maanden geleden
that is the Estrel Hotel Berlin with Europes biggest Furry Convention :D So as a Furry I can agree, this is hell :D
Villager #87
Villager #87 2 maanden geleden
Satan also meet the medic
Drakenmonster 9951
Drakenmonster 9951 2 maanden geleden
It’s truly hell when the vr map is the furry con map
the boys do VR horror
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the spiderboys
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the boys ball z
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the boys get detention
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stranger danger at the mall
the boys go to kmart
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the boys go to the gulag
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cooked tiktoks with the boys
the boys become furries
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