the boys learn road safety 

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Warface is a FPS available for free donwload on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Play the new SWARM season in Warface PC Use my code to get a special, one of a kind 'JoshDub' achievement in the game, a VIP Booster and the Jester weapon series: JOSHTHE1
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5 dec. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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JoshDub 3 maanden geleden
Warface is a FPS available for free donwload on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Play the new SWARM season in Warface PC Use my code to get a special, one of a kind 'JoshDub' achievement in the game, a VIP Booster and the Jester weapon series: JOSHTHE1
levelHead Podcasts
levelHead Podcasts 3 dagen geleden
levelHead Podcasts
levelHead Podcasts 3 dagen geleden
Thomas Terry
Thomas Terry 23 dagen geleden
Nono scwer
ραιи fυll
ραιи fυll 24 dagen geleden
The only
SNZ Maand geleden
I have it
lizette bojorquez
lizette bojorquez 16 uur geleden
Me watching this while I have a tsunami warning 😭😭
Duppy 23 uur geleden
5:41 oh hell no
Duppy 23 uur geleden
4:53 just keep watching 🤣🤣🤣
Duppy 23 uur geleden
0:21 I love when people show u things u shouldn't do but they do it their self lol
White_Suit_Nick / IronSwordFarmer
Juicy be like: Hey get a load of this asshole ITS A 45 ZONE YOU'RE GONNA HURT SOMEBODY and then the blue car turns red for a nano second at 4:57
Amber sow
Amber sow 2 dagen geleden
Ok ok ok ok ok
Ahmad Azlan Awang
Ahmad Azlan Awang 2 dagen geleden
Jimjomjimmilyjom jomjimjommilyjim
it's funnier knowing that K.G.B stands for "Committee for State Security", so, in theory, K.G.B.B.G.B would stand for, " Committee for State Security of Big Gay Balls".
abundant ray
abundant ray 2 dagen geleden
i just got warface :)
Judah Waahkah
Judah Waahkah 4 dagen geleden
Oh rip the bois poggies
Алена Барнс
Алена Барнс 4 dagen geleden
I like it So much Wen someone said ‘gay balls’
Алена Барнс
Алена Барнс 4 dagen geleden
Алена Барнс
Алена Барнс 4 dagen geleden
Barrett Pierce
Barrett Pierce 4 dagen geleden
These dudes are messed up
Holly Stickley
Holly Stickley 4 dagen geleden
Redstar Games
Redstar Games 4 dagen geleden
Why you always say american only, you are noth americans, América is a continet
Mandie Grosjean
Mandie Grosjean 5 dagen geleden
Amber Charles
Amber Charles 5 dagen geleden
I have war face on my Nintendo switch
Scott Edwards
Scott Edwards 5 dagen geleden
LOL invisible phone
Lane Worthington
Lane Worthington 6 dagen geleden
Juicy sounds different?
Redneck 42
Redneck 42 6 dagen geleden
It’s Mojave ( Mo HavE ) that’s how it’s pronounced
Kayla Bias
Kayla Bias 7 dagen geleden
I love all of your videos
Zack Attack Adventures
Zack Attack Adventures 7 dagen geleden
I like how he accidentally shot juicy in the heart and then juicy is just casually walking around like nothing happened
Zack Attack Adventures
Zack Attack Adventures 7 dagen geleden
Aaaah yes gun safety with juicy and joshdub
Travis Bronson
Travis Bronson 7 dagen geleden
Feed him lead
Fox Racing
Fox Racing 10 dagen geleden
"Ma jah vay dessert XD"
vr master
vr master 11 dagen geleden
I have a wii u Asked for it for my birthday
NLE Choppa
NLE Choppa 12 dagen geleden
Whoa whoa whoa racism 3:45 shoot the natives damn bruh I’m native cuh
Adonis Abucayan
Adonis Abucayan 12 dagen geleden
thank god i finally found the first shooter game for pc how size of the game if its above 1 gb no download for me
SAVAGE_TEEN 12 dagen geleden
Are you dub
builder plays
builder plays 13 dagen geleden
whats wrong with getting a wiiu for christmas :(
Conner Sinclair
Conner Sinclair 14 dagen geleden
"Every American has shoot someone in a sewer drain" as an American can confirm
Stixmations 15 dagen geleden
4:52 I love how it combines as: Juicy Smashing Mully
Alphix Fitness
Alphix Fitness 15 dagen geleden
if ur hungry then eatbulletsfam
Alphix Fitness
Alphix Fitness 15 dagen geleden
Juicy SCARED THE FUCK out of me
jessetyu yt
jessetyu yt 15 dagen geleden
DerpyMooCow 17 dagen geleden
That thumbnail is gold
Liam Davison
Liam Davison 17 dagen geleden
What is this game called also can you get it on oculus quest 2
Liam Davison
Liam Davison 17 dagen geleden
Pls answer
ඞpink-orbitඞ 17 dagen geleden
His blue eyes hit different!
Boo hoo
Boo hoo 18 dagen geleden
I can't be the only one that had Josh and them as basically making up the rest of my childhood right?
Crazed Chewy Cat
Crazed Chewy Cat 18 dagen geleden
I thought it was only in America we gave our kids guns?
Emily Bell
Emily Bell 18 dagen geleden
Why do say FUCKING bad words
pena jonne
pena jonne 20 dagen geleden
I remember warfrace was 5year ago that game was rly simple but now 2021 its rly difference amd actually good🤔 an better than any cs👀
Brandon Verhille
Brandon Verhille 20 dagen geleden
Juicy whenever he plays some sort of store owner is absolutely legendary
Narinder Kaur
Narinder Kaur 22 dagen geleden
Time to learn road safety from the pros
Christopher Moore
Christopher Moore 22 dagen geleden
when smashing yelled i got an ear bleed
draygon slyer7485
draygon slyer7485 23 dagen geleden
U know whats weird I got a presidents day ad after he said im ameircan
Star Smith
Star Smith 23 dagen geleden
I mean he's not wrong right?
D Russell
D Russell 25 dagen geleden
Juice: Your gonna hurt some one *continues to shot at the car*
꧁Dahlia꧂ [The Weeb]
꧁Dahlia꧂ [The Weeb] 25 dagen geleden
Am I the only one who ADORES Josh’s eyes?- their so blue and beautiful.
Super Mario luigi and Kevin
I got warface Josh 😁
Hussain Ali
Hussain Ali 26 dagen geleden
The thumbnail looks great and very safe.
Martin show
Martin show 27 dagen geleden
Hi magical skip ad button vid starts at 2:07
Richie Webb
Richie Webb 28 dagen geleden
Can you play hit man 1,2,3 they have a vr version.
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie 28 dagen geleden
This is why I love my life in equestria
Boba 29 dagen geleden
whenever narrator goes in the sewer for 5 seconds “i’ve been in here for 1000’s of years”
Xander Foley
Xander Foley 29 dagen geleden
This got REALLY dark
Rpsd Rammer
Rpsd Rammer Maand geleden
Haha this is fucking halarios lmfao
Robbie Hilterbrand
Robbie Hilterbrand Maand geleden
3:33-3:38 juicy: now the number one rule in a gun store is about gun safet- *pulls trigger. everyone: ah f**k. juicy: heh sry I for got to turn the safety. I laughed so hard on that part
Pablo Menfer
Pablo Menfer Maand geleden
Holaaaaaaa Saludos desde España
Evan Pearce
Evan Pearce Maand geleden
Yasmin Bernini
Yasmin Bernini Maand geleden
I love your channel, it always makes me feel good when I'm really sad
Enderman Crusher9
Enderman Crusher9 Maand geleden
What game is this?
Alex Scanlon
Alex Scanlon Maand geleden
Can u play vr chat on oculus quest 2?
Krystal Grangier
Krystal Grangier Maand geleden
Best 🎥
Finndizzle 19
Finndizzle 19 Maand geleden
As an AMERICAN I can confirm that everyone shoots people in the sewer drains.
CandiePlayz Maand geleden
Nobody: The whole world: The whole universe: The boys: Road safety laws prepare to be ignored
Axel Ehouarne
Axel Ehouarne Maand geleden
It is me or the graphic are way more better
Kamil Jozwa
Kamil Jozwa Maand geleden
Mario Cortez
Mario Cortez Maand geleden
What is that song playing in the background while josh talks about warfare?
Mario Cortez
Mario Cortez Maand geleden
Brielle Maand geleden
Stefan Alexis
Stefan Alexis Maand geleden
Laila Harley
Laila Harley Maand geleden
Loeb Jeffrey
Loeb Jeffrey Maand geleden
Idk what juicy’s on in this vid but I love ir
Anthony Jarnot
Anthony Jarnot Maand geleden
I have played Pavlov and when I try reloading a double barrel shotgun it does not work
Malik's World
Malik's World 11 dagen geleden
did you press b first
Dzubyan Farras Purba
Dzubyan Farras Purba Maand geleden
haha headshot
Trentin820 Maand geleden
me:ooooooooh what should i watch also me:oooooh whats this youtube:*recommends this 1 year later*
Blue Lad CKS
Blue Lad CKS Maand geleden
Good thing ya boi has a ps4
Oren Walker
Oren Walker Maand geleden
Chunkielance Maand geleden
wat if i told you maleware bytes thinks its a virus
Evo Oppo
Evo Oppo Maand geleden
I miss warface :(
Plenty Planty
Plenty Planty Maand geleden
I love your videos! ツ
Solomeno Gonzales
Solomeno Gonzales Maand geleden
i have my cocain license but idk why the police are at my house
Kiddies Coughlin
Kiddies Coughlin Maand geleden
XD Is Warface free for Chromebooks?! LOL
Katie Wolvick
Katie Wolvick Maand geleden
Narrator's voice makes it all the more hilarious.
James Halsey
James Halsey Maand geleden
How are they getting these maps an gamemodes
BounceBro21 21
BounceBro21 21 Maand geleden
Idk y the intro is so cool
• Jupiter •
• Jupiter • Maand geleden
I just noticed i was not subscribed TvT
NINJA-FOX GAMING Maand geleden
It seems I’m more adjectively superior now. Epik pc game
Tabz VR
Tabz VR Maand geleden
What game are they playing in vr
daniel chong
daniel chong Maand geleden
Josh: shoots juicy Juicy: tis but a scratch
Brandon spong
Brandon spong Maand geleden
I love warfare
Storm Festus
Storm Festus Maand geleden
I've played warfare before
Brayson McNair
Brayson McNair Maand geleden
At first the ad looked real
Rick Roll
Rick Roll Maand geleden
Gun Safety Is Illegal in America
Quaide Johnston
Quaide Johnston Maand geleden
You always make my day!! :)
high five
high five Maand geleden
im downloading this right now
Joshua Knoebel.
Joshua Knoebel. Maand geleden
They missed the chance to say GayGB
The Absurd
The Absurd Maand geleden
Today we have neckbeard Josh.
Tia Tiffany
Tia Tiffany Maand geleden
Shadow Clapz
Shadow Clapz Maand geleden
Man if the boys weren’t here I’d probably would have died
the boys go to the gulag
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