the boys commit felonies 

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26 nov. 2020




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JoshDub 3 maanden geleden
Hallow Army
Hallow Army 9 dagen geleden
Omg u make being named josh cool lol
CalmYourPassionBoi 2 maanden geleden
The guys: what do we do today. Josh: want to rob a store.
CalmYourPassionBoi 2 maanden geleden
Norahs World
Norahs World 3 maanden geleden
@JZB Productions he is daddy
Iah The Child
Iah The Child 3 maanden geleden
Devin Bak
Devin Bak 9 uur geleden
bruh theirs three of you and one guy AND YOU DROPED YOUR GUNS THAT HOW DUMB YOU ARE
THUNDERCAT324 Dag geleden
the fluffy gamer's
the fluffy gamer's Dag geleden
i just started choking on my spit....
Seargant Spud
Seargant Spud 4 dagen geleden
My uncle committed felonies and is now in federal prison I haven’t been caught yet
Cabbage King
Cabbage King 5 dagen geleden
Nobody: Literally nobody: Nobody: Nobody on earth: Juicy:HEY! TACO MAN!
Fritz Decker
Fritz Decker 5 dagen geleden
Bob: *Kills himself* Josh and the Bois: 🤣
Edison Cervantes
Edison Cervantes 7 dagen geleden
Im eating burber right now
kyle stocker
kyle stocker 7 dagen geleden
lol this is so funny
Javier Guevara Valencia
Javier Guevara Valencia 8 dagen geleden
le weirdo cookie and Friends
The Mexican is in the corner of Bob's hardware he be creeping
PyroJack 4350
PyroJack 4350 11 dagen geleden
What map is this
Cathy Janes
Cathy Janes 11 dagen geleden
At 11 minutes, it sounds like a door creaking
Mason Ramirez
Mason Ramirez 12 dagen geleden
The boys are really funny! And I have been a fan for a long time, YEET!
le weirdo cookie and Friends
Juicy be eating out of the trash can like I think they're still some meat on this chicken wing yum
Mando 13 dagen geleden
5:56 for a cursed image
Will Clapp
Will Clapp 13 dagen geleden
Nobody: Logan Paulers: 11:32
Legendary Mega Nerd
Legendary Mega Nerd 14 dagen geleden
10:55 can we have a collaboration with juicy making this sound?
Twitch_N0TH1NG 14 dagen geleden
The way he says macdonald gets me everytime
Matilda Cullen
Matilda Cullen 16 dagen geleden
Honey boo boo
Rylan Duran
Rylan Duran 16 dagen geleden
Never mess with the taco guy
Marielle Ebreo
Marielle Ebreo 17 dagen geleden
Horde you were all nothing to do something good H low back a HIJKLO Mount PO lazy did you get into a a P typed up at work he’ll
Marielle Ebreo
Marielle Ebreo 17 dagen geleden
Whole whole whole merman cruise or room stern calls one whole sportster loser through word from Porsche around three to push you do cool new lady to a your yo-yo yo-yo yo-yo yo-yo yo yo yo yo yo yo Lo Lo
Florian Rasing
Florian Rasing 14 dagen geleden
What the f--
Liam Davison
Liam Davison 17 dagen geleden
What is this game called also can you get it on oculus quest 2
Ryanmiddy2 18 dagen geleden
Why is taco man in the back round at 2:34
samurai Xhyper
samurai Xhyper 19 dagen geleden
I love it how juciy said I LIVE IN A FUCKING TREE HOUSE!!!!!!
Troy Moran
Troy Moran 20 dagen geleden
I miss the way the boys used to be just wing it 😂
Xavier Schultz
Xavier Schultz 21 dag geleden
2:30 We know that it hasn't been weeks because the store would be filled in pill bottles.
Mars Gonzalez
Mars Gonzalez 22 dagen geleden
Poor juicy tho.:/
xdgaming 22 dagen geleden
Herminio AlolaAG
Herminio AlolaAG 23 dagen geleden
Ngl this is one of the saddest and funniest things I have seen
Animacion Attack
Animacion Attack 25 dagen geleden
Hay pendejo me pegué!
glichyboi fan glichyboi fan
When he said Ramon I was eating ramen and I'm also eating ramen right now.
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie 26 dagen geleden
I legit saw eddie inside the hardware store and watching juicy popping pills
Just an introvert here
Just an introvert here 26 dagen geleden
4:29 I AM H O L L E R I N G
kwasomedude Maand geleden
so basically mully you broke smashings bed by smashing, smashing in smashings bed by smashing the springs by smashing, smashing.... wait what
Fe4rr golden
Fe4rr golden Maand geleden
9:43 Eddie should have said the border
Asa Slayter
Asa Slayter Maand geleden
I love juicy😂😂
Hypesinn Maand geleden
Hey me too
ConnorKTheAssassin Maand geleden
Juicy living in a tree sounds like a story animation "I lived in a tree house but when i sold it I became a millionaire" Those animation are so cringy
RuthlessCord844 Maand geleden
I can hear my hair growing -juicy 2020
Luwi Maand geleden
just saying big guy lower the katana hoodie to 30.00 at least and i will send you a pic on insta
R2 lirious
R2 lirious Maand geleden
that ending made me laugh so hard
Henry Holcomb
Henry Holcomb Maand geleden
1:58 aayyyooooo mully
Luis Perez
Luis Perez Maand geleden
I wonder how the bois and vanonos and the crew would be together
Original Playz
Original Playz Maand geleden
11:53 the only thing the bullet is gonna be missin is his legs
iveette canisales
iveette canisales Maand geleden
Ce. Paso. Way
Braxfish Fish fish
Braxfish Fish fish Maand geleden
10:35 ur gonna get shot juicy
Ben Collins
Ben Collins Maand geleden
When juicy missed all the shots Eddie should of said cash or credit
Theo Roehrig
Theo Roehrig Maand geleden
Juicy= unbridled repressed rage
FoxTailBeats Maand geleden
My dad is 50 and my mom is 33 and my big brother is 14 and im 10
Akaash PLAYZ!
Akaash PLAYZ! Maand geleden
Wow i think Juicy actually intended to be in front of the grenade lol
Crystal Burke
Crystal Burke Maand geleden
BlacKBoiEvsen Maand geleden
6:32 sounds like a GTA SA Mission
Parker Kay
Parker Kay Maand geleden
I used to be a rec room squeaker but now im a PRO EPIC GAMER plus a little beat saber
Roberts Skull
Roberts Skull Maand geleden
Lmao I can relate to the title
Andrew Santana
Andrew Santana Maand geleden
Andrew Santana
Andrew Santana Maand geleden
Sex or me.
Shiko Maand geleden
Mully are you sure Smashing wasn’t Smashing you? *cough cough* bottom *cough cough*
Derp gamer
Derp gamer Maand geleden
One of the 1.8 million views on this video is me. One of the 1,804,123 views on this video is me.
Derp gamer
Derp gamer Maand geleden
One of the 3.4k comments on this video is me.
Derp gamer
Derp gamer Maand geleden
One of the 85k likes on this video is me.
Drew Shandrowsky
Drew Shandrowsky Maand geleden
2:36 eddie is in the background
Estphon Skaterlife
Estphon Skaterlife Maand geleden
10:26 that's juicy when he tryna shoot his shot at a girl he always misses like if you agree
yoinky sploinky
yoinky sploinky Maand geleden
Why is there an ad over 4 minutes long
Jorge L.
Jorge L. Maand geleden
Really .... That's just messed up.... No shirt or shoes
Brayden Wong
Brayden Wong Maand geleden
He is like the rake
Paul Barrett
Paul Barrett Maand geleden
2:36 EddieVR is in the Hardware store when they're robbing the place
Sky Maand geleden
I dunno What I’m doin
0:04 he missed every single shot, with 100 round gun
dawson Clanton
dawson Clanton Maand geleden
so funny that's a whole machine gun with loads of bullets tries to shoot them shoots all this bullets and it goes right past them and they just goes band with a flare gun and kills him one shot
Christina Kirby
Christina Kirby Maand geleden
wow this shit crazyyyy
reilly roberts
reilly roberts Maand geleden
I actually lived in a treehouse for two years
debra schroeder
debra schroeder Maand geleden
Eddy has power of communism
Keilan Joseph
Keilan Joseph Maand geleden
Mexican stuff
the quiet kid
the quiet kid Maand geleden
"I was smashing, smashing in smashings bed" *Boy, the fanfics are gonna have fun with this*
Cbeilken 14
Cbeilken 14 Maand geleden
Bro those convict skins look exactly like Real Juicy
Lorenzo Caluori
Lorenzo Caluori Maand geleden
This video is the mighty "impossible level" of try not to laughs videos
Carter Stevenson
Carter Stevenson Maand geleden
*Juicy:* {takes every drug in his store while lying on the floor} *His* *statistics:* Yeah this guy seems reputable.
NinjaMatt 240
NinjaMatt 240 Maand geleden
I feel like this whole video is one of those Skyrim choice quests XD
Nathan Wade
Nathan Wade Maand geleden
josh i need info from you and the boys i got my roblox acc hacked eddie and josh moly and crack head and crack head number2 eddie i got no no snow four you and the boys just anser this plss
Mr. Gamer
Mr. Gamer Maand geleden
Juicy:unloads 100 rounds and misses Eddie:shoots one flare and hits Me:BRUH
Mythics Maand geleden
Wait I thought mully's channel was the only fellonie that the boys had
Stabby Ben
Stabby Ben Maand geleden
This is my favorite Joshdubs video and one of my favorite videos of all time. Every time I watch it, I bust out laughing! 😂
Thetraphouse Fam
Thetraphouse Fam Maand geleden
juicy really missed EVERY shot😂😂
Fallen Maand geleden
yes your whanted by boy/girl now
Morgan Guilford
Morgan Guilford Maand geleden
Mully: I was smashing Smashing in Smashing's bed Fanfiction writers: Write that down! Write that down!
olivrr 2 maanden geleden
drugs drugs drugs
Timothy Chapman
Timothy Chapman 2 maanden geleden
your the best
Dylan Duce
Dylan Duce 2 maanden geleden
What game is this??
Ark_0 _Bat
Ark_0 _Bat 2 maanden geleden
Juicy has the aim of a stormtrooper
Blake ligma
Blake ligma 2 maanden geleden
This one was a banger 😂😂😂
Melanie Broud
Melanie Broud 2 maanden geleden
Juicy so loud
ItzIno Yamanaka
ItzIno Yamanaka 2 maanden geleden
the first part tho .-. It was funny 🤣🤣🤣
Vo1ce0ver 2 maanden geleden
Juicy: (attempts to kill himself with a shotgun) Nope Juicy: (attempts to kill himself with a sniper) Nope Juicy: (attempts to kill himself with a tiny pistol) sure
Casey Westendorf
Casey Westendorf 2 maanden geleden
**Thomas prepares to commit war crimes**
Qing Cai
Qing Cai 2 maanden geleden
Eddie is unfortunate LOL
Qing Cai
Qing Cai 2 maanden geleden
Eddie’s is unfortunate LOL
Qing Cai
Qing Cai 2 maanden geleden
Eddie is unfortunate LOL
Qing Cai
Qing Cai 2 maanden geleden
Eddie is unfortunate LOL
juicy goes to jail
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the boys learn road safety
the boys speedrun minecraft
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you laugh you DIE
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aww man..
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