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7 feb. 2021




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Predator Killer
Predator Killer 18 uur geleden
skicon 511
skicon 511 Dag geleden
Game stonk... i wonder how they got the name🤔
Jasmine B
Jasmine B 2 dagen geleden
Best video ever
VR NOOB 6 dagen geleden
I used my nose to type this message
Boiii iii
Boiii iii 7 dagen geleden
6:48 there is no way that is improv😂 that is too perfectly timed
Savvy Void Vr
Savvy Void Vr 7 dagen geleden
Why does mully do such a good angry Karen voice😂😂😂😂
harpergamingprincess 7 dagen geleden
No smashing🤦‍♀️
Nathan Reed
Nathan Reed 7 dagen geleden
i laugh to much during you guys
Mimi Chicks
Mimi Chicks 7 dagen geleden
Ngl mully got some big cans and is mully ever wearing a bra
Mimi Chicks
Mimi Chicks 7 dagen geleden
I like your cut g ;) AHHHHHHHHHHHhHHHhH
Hyper Kills
Hyper Kills 7 dagen geleden
I’m 42!
Justin Jakobs
Justin Jakobs 8 dagen geleden
Almost 1 million views
Mr. Fanlight
Mr. Fanlight 9 dagen geleden
Game stonks morshu XD
Milan Svarc
Milan Svarc 9 dagen geleden
Ok doge sounded like deranged orc from shadow of war ngl. Still, awesome
Cinnabon 10 dagen geleden
Claim your, “Here before 1M views” ticket, It will cost one like.
Ryan patrick
Ryan patrick 11 dagen geleden
The cryptocurrency has charted a 10-fold rally in the past 11 months, offering a significantly higher return than gold amid the massive inflation-boosting monetary and fiscal stimulus delivered by authorities worldwide to counter the coronavirus-induced economic slowdown. The precious metal reached a record high of $56.000 in February 2021 and has been trending higher ever since. I invested 6BTC and I have been earning 2BTC weekly..
Ryan patrick
Ryan patrick 11 dagen geleden
Thanks Luiz .+
Alan Lee
Alan Lee 12 dagen geleden
you did Smashing
Bella 13 dagen geleden
Is so funny
Kaiden Mood
Kaiden Mood 13 dagen geleden
Ps5 Xbox 1 Nintendo switch it’s yours as long as you have enough rupees mmmm sorry fat why don’t you come back when your a Little bit Sega
Mini Leah Ashe
Mini Leah Ashe 14 dagen geleden
Why does Josh look like Fat Bastard?
Mini Leah Ashe
Mini Leah Ashe 14 dagen geleden
What is with the guy in the background having a seizure?! 😂
Deborah De Beer
Deborah De Beer 14 dagen geleden
Smashing is the beast
Halima Limbada
Halima Limbada 15 dagen geleden
0:37 when he was pointing and saying i bought doge he was so cute
NoobBiscut 15 dagen geleden
No one: That One Kid:I bet you came here from tiktok
NO 15 dagen geleden
What do we really expect from smashing
Miscellaneous 16 dagen geleden
can you make an over cooked video
Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez 16 dagen geleden
Your mom is going
Marla Scarchilli
Marla Scarchilli 16 dagen geleden
Is that Molly girlfriend or mom? maybe it’s booth sorry Molly I had to man sorry tho
Marla Scarchilli
Marla Scarchilli 16 dagen geleden
Sorry the autocorrect }D
Incabeeh 16 dagen geleden
When he was morshu he should've said come back when you're a little mmmm richer
Gamer Boi
Gamer Boi 16 dagen geleden
Morshu working as a game stinks emplooye
cathy kitcher
cathy kitcher 16 dagen geleden
Apparently a landing is a landing if you walk away from the accident It is a good landing if your plane survives too So 9/11 was a landing?
JAELYN Wigfall
JAELYN Wigfall 17 dagen geleden
Hi I am a New fan
Brady Andrade
Brady Andrade 17 dagen geleden
Funky poop
That Guy who Likes space
That Guy who Likes space 17 dagen geleden
370? × 24 = 21,280 + 61,400 = 82,680 Wow
lee adams
lee adams 17 dagen geleden
vOrtexx.drizzy _
vOrtexx.drizzy _ 17 dagen geleden
Satisfaction _357
Satisfaction _357 19 dagen geleden
I swear the guy outside was doing a fortnite emote I thought they hated fortnite???
Tiger Lover0986
Tiger Lover0986 19 dagen geleden
What’s this game
Top Gamer
Top Gamer 19 dagen geleden
I want to play Friday night poopy
Kaszel Gaming
Kaszel Gaming 19 dagen geleden
Pls translate this in the polish Translator: Ten zielony wygląda jak maciek VR z kanału SharikanVR
Ledjo Duli
Ledjo Duli 19 dagen geleden
Ledjo Duli
Ledjo Duli 19 dagen geleden
1 mill
Ledjo Duli
Ledjo Duli 19 dagen geleden
The dogs
X SLY509 X
X SLY509 X 19 dagen geleden
"I'm 42" "Your 12 today!!"
Brudda Osas
Brudda Osas 19 dagen geleden
Love how the cashier is morshu
DerpyGamer0013 20 dagen geleden
" Dogassic Park."
Hannah Rose Binti Mohd Bokhari Affendi1234
Omg why her mom is fat and tall
Sayden Xiong
Sayden Xiong 20 dagen geleden
When he said "goofy gwape" 😂
Finn OToole
Finn OToole 20 dagen geleden
Omg I was laughing the whole time dodge was awesome 🤣
Vitaly 20 dagen geleden
The way these guys portray the whole Gamestop fiasco is the only way it's actually funny. The memes suck
dandi sinaga
dandi sinaga 21 dag geleden
Hy guys... im from Indonesian I like Very Very like the video❤️❤️ Because the video is funny This video very interesting ❤️❤️
Jayden Heavilin
Jayden Heavilin 21 dag geleden
who noticed that natas's name is satan backwards : 1 (me)
Matthew Goodhart
Matthew Goodhart 21 dag geleden
Battle toads lol
Music Junkie
Music Junkie 21 dag geleden
God has left us
Frozon Gaming
Frozon Gaming 21 dag geleden
7:44 good comeback lmao
AcqrlFN 21 dag geleden
Faye 21 dag geleden
Love and funny
Oliver Raistrick
Oliver Raistrick 21 dag geleden
there will be no funky poops in my store
Thomkie 21 dag geleden
This is a fever dream
Colt DeHart
Colt DeHart 22 dagen geleden
“look at all the dogs”
Fortnite Grinder
Fortnite Grinder 22 dagen geleden
Say it with me f 2020
yay i’m a dead meme
yay i’m a dead meme 22 dagen geleden
smashing is basically juicy just way funnier
Minilinky13 Gamehead
Minilinky13 Gamehead 22 dagen geleden
•Chxrry• 22 dagen geleden
I love this man
Blake Hausdorf
Blake Hausdorf 22 dagen geleden
What did I just watch....
Texas Redding
Texas Redding 22 dagen geleden
Is anyone going to talk about how mully looks like retired Mario
Shreksuperfan123 I
Shreksuperfan123 I 22 dagen geleden
13:03 epic *moan*
Saahas p
Saahas p 22 dagen geleden
Love smashing
Astrixx 22 dagen geleden
11:36 Well he acted 𝗿𝗼𝘂𝗴𝗵
SSBEEDV [Year 1]
SSBEEDV [Year 1] 22 dagen geleden
Qaunaq 08
Qaunaq 08 23 dagen geleden
Would I be able to play with u guys If I ever get a break
KC Coffey
KC Coffey 23 dagen geleden
Yeah definitely buy high and sell low. Like pretty much giving people your money
TheRealSniprr 23 dagen geleden
Hodgehog is sold at GameStonks
Charspade17 23 dagen geleden
I almost invested in bit coin when it as dirt cheap, but I second guessed myself and missed out so badly lol.
joshua hindin
joshua hindin 23 dagen geleden
this is good for my mental state but bad for my IQ
NCL Parts
NCL Parts 23 dagen geleden
1:37: when bbn yoy dont give morshu his rupees
Jade Cresdeee
Jade Cresdeee 23 dagen geleden
Are you okay stupid
Riktig Filmkritiker
Riktig Filmkritiker 23 dagen geleden
i love the boys
iamthicc 23 dagen geleden
Jeff 'beanzos' is bald am I right?
JMG Animation
JMG Animation 23 dagen geleden
Smashing your voice is being more karen than a grandma
Marie Smith
Marie Smith 23 dagen geleden
The only game I saw in game stonks was sonic Boom rise of lyric
Logan Gill
Logan Gill 23 dagen geleden
I'm not gonna lie, I'd kinda rather have a million dogs than any amount of money.
Picky Business
Picky Business 23 dagen geleden
Gamestop morshu is fucking amazing
Charleen Gilson
Charleen Gilson 23 dagen geleden
Hey I am fucking artistic
Donut DINO
Donut DINO 23 dagen geleden
7:50 'mully mummy can I get a sonic the hogdehog
Luisa Antipolo
Luisa Antipolo 23 dagen geleden
Is that mursho
okuyasu nijimura
okuyasu nijimura 23 dagen geleden
Videos,games,figures you want it,its yours my friend as long as you have enough dimma dollars
Marvin Goodwin
Marvin Goodwin 23 dagen geleden
I just realized that rtx on morshu is in this
sunniyah leemon
sunniyah leemon 23 dagen geleden
Brody Alford
Brody Alford 23 dagen geleden
shadow_nugget 23 dagen geleden
Sum to me pls
Zoraida Cruz
Zoraida Cruz 23 dagen geleden
Killer28138 23 dagen geleden
6:18 the way he says he’s 42 😂😂
Another Casual
Another Casual 24 dagen geleden
Mully's bra strap prolly look like Spiderman holding back the train
British_Senpai 24 dagen geleden
Can you guys do attack on Titan?
Chloe cosplay /Gacha
Chloe cosplay /Gacha 24 dagen geleden
Mully: DONT TOUCH ME Josh : Shutup Karen
Hannah Carlton
Hannah Carlton 24 dagen geleden
When morshu gets a job at game stonks
John Lennon
John Lennon 24 dagen geleden
2:23 - 2:28 : da faq day doin ova der in the background
Banana army Gang
Banana army Gang 24 dagen geleden
this video is realy good +
Some random Hobo
Some random Hobo 24 dagen geleden
When that little brush shit was on the shelfs, I got an add when he ran and it was just an explosion.
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